Over many years we have been sent numerous parcels, - for some unfathomable reason a few odd customers send us mercury or items containing mercury - not suitably wrapped or packed! for this reason (our health) we have for a number of years had to introduce a parcel policy which means we will refuse parcels sent to us UNLESS pre booked and we have issued a special unique parcel number. This number will be issued if we require the item, we have discussed the packing and we can be assured it will be suitably packed to reduce damage. No mercury item should be sent - these items we need to arrange delivery specially once discussed. Normally we require just 1 picture of a barometer so we have an idea of the type of item we are discussing as phone calls trying to guess at a style or design etc have led to some misunderstandings in the past. You might only have one but we have seen 1000's of different ones and we get easily confussed on the telephone. Mr Collins may well recognise a barometer type from a picture but seldom ever by telephone, he is often in the workshop but will look at e-mails 2 or 3 times a day. If you have a mercury barometer that may require work then we have a special procedure to send you our mercury containment bags and instructions for carriage by yourself in a car or if we are to arrange collection by our special carriers.

So in short do not send us any items unless you have recieved and use a parcel number from us.