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Ref 1500
A flame veneered mahogany wheel barometer with swan neck pediment circa 1840, a replacement old boxed long thermometer with convex glass with spirit filled tube. The 8 inch dial with well engraved centre star motif, a setting knob below and a level plate inset at the base. The case edged with black stringing. The shouldered case with flat base re-polished. 40” x 9 7/8”

Ref: 1552

A traditional mahogany veneered mercury wheel barometer with black & white strung edges with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, short thermometer with spirit filled tube, convex mirror, reeded frame, 8” dial, level plate inscribed ‘Warranted Correct’. Hygrometer, level plate, bone setting knob, mirror and frame replaced and replacement mercury filled tube. Generally restored and in good order throughout. The case in original polish showing some signs of age in a rich mahogany colour, slight age cracking to top and much tapping below setting knob, c1850 and measuring: 10” x 38” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options


Ref: 2228
A simple Georgian mahogany wheel barometer with black & white stringing and one oval urn inlay to case, broken architectural pediment, long spirit filled thermometer, dial engraved ‘Lione & Somalvico, 14 Brook Street, Holborn, London’, replacement finial & tube, c1811 measuring: 38 ¾” x 10” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref: 2262

A mahogany veneered black & white strung mercury wheel barometer with swan neck pediment, hygrometer, mercury filled thermometer, convex mirror and beaded frame, 8” dial, and level plate inscribed ‘Warranted Correct’. A traditional pleasant barometer, un-attributed but dating c1845. Brass cleaned & lacquered with a traditional lacquer used on early instruments (this mixture we prepare specially from an old recipe which includes natural tree gums, saffron and dragons blood!) dials re-silvered, replacement finial, mirror and frame and replacement tube. Measuring: 38 ½” x 10 1/8” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref: 2264

A 10” dial rosewood wheel barometer ornately inlaid with mother of pearl abalone shell and wire, possibly of an Indian influence of floral, leaf & bird design, case mounted with bow front thermometer with flat bulb mercury filled tube, Fahrenheit & Remeaur scales, the dial engraved ‘W Johnson, 34 Hatton Garden’ with floral centre engraving and finely pierced hands, adjusting key in mother of pearl & brass work cleaned and lacquered, dials re-silvered, replacement tube, case in original polish with minor repairs to inlay. W Johnson was working between 1830 – 1867 in London and at this address between 1841 & 1867. He was in partnership with Cuthbert Blackbourn and the name of Johnson & Blackbourn from 1847 – 1848. This barometer is quite likely is just prior to 1847. The case, which we have come across before this design, almost certainly made in the same workshop as we have handled a number over the years with different names on the dials. Mrs Ann Johnson, presumably the widow, took over the business around 1865 until 1876, reference ‘Barometer Makers & Retailers 1660-1900’ Edwin Banfield. A very decorative Victorian barometer measuring: 42” x 13” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref 2269
A rather nice Mahogany wheel barometer circa 1825 with architectural pediment spirit filled thermometer on hand engraved scale, hygrometer (replaced dial) mounted under thermometer (an early design) an 8 inch dial inscribed B.Giobbi Devizes. Setting knob below dial and inlaid flower to base of barometer. This seems to be a transitional design from the shell inlaid early designs to the later ones with hygrometer under the pediment and level ring at the base. The case re-polished sympathetically and edged with boxwood stringing. Brass cleaned but retaining its age, lacquered in a traditional instrument lacquer made by us. A replacement mercury filled tube in the back. All in all a good piece 38 ¾” x 10 ½”

Ref: 2289
A rosewood mercury wheel barometer with Mother of Pearl abalone and wire inlaid case, 8” dial inscribed ‘Ciceri & Co. London’ with long mercury filled thermometer above and brass setting key below. Dial with star burst centre cartouche, divided from 28” – 31” of mercury. Known to have had business in Edinburgh, carvers & gilders possibly Ciceri & Pini but several variations are recorded, c1875 measuring: 38” x 10 ¾” x 2” deep


Ref: 2515
A traditional mahogany veneered mercury wheel barometer with architectural pediment, brass finial and shell, flower and fan inlays, long spirit filled thermometer and 8” dial engraved ‘W. Squirrell, Bildeston’ and repairers inscription written in pencil under dial ‘Josh Somalvico & Co, 11 Charles Street, Hatton Gardens, London 1897’. Generally restored and in good working order throughout with replacement mercury filled tube. William Squirrell is estimated to be working 1810 – 30 at this address, reference ‘Barometer Makers & Retailers 1660-1900’ by Edwin Banfield. Measuring: 38” x 9 ¾”

Ref 2520
A rather nice 6 inch dial Figured Mahogany Wheel barometer by Thomas Rubergall of 24 Coventry Street London circa 1845. The case edged in black mounted with bow fronted thermometer (replacement hand blown spirit tube), hygrometer and surmounted with a swan neck pediment. The case showing some signs of age and minor hairline cracks to the veneer above and below the hygrometer, in generally good order and pleasant medium brown mahogany polish Replacement mercury tube. Measures approx 36” x 6 ¾”. £995

Ref: 2561
A large mahogany wheel barometer with broad black & stringing to edge, swan neck pediment, twin pateraes (replaced), brass pineapple finial (replaced), hygrometer (replaced), long spirit filled thermometer, 10” silvered dial with interesting fretted hand, scales re-silvered, with replacement mercury tube, setting knob & level ring, level plate inscribed ‘J Silva, Plymouth’. J Silve, 9 East Street, Plymouth estimated to be working from 1820-40, reference ‘Barometer Makers & Retailers 1660-1900’ by Edwin Banfield. C1825 Measuring: 42 ½” x 12 ½”£


Ref 2006
A fine brass mounted stick barometer circa 1820 by Dolland of London. The extended head with hygrometer under swan neck pediment, brass door to register scales and thermometer. please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref 2007

A refurbished reproduction Mahogany stick barometer by Committee of London of Georgian design. The mahogany case with inlaid stringing, the scale with manually operated vernier scale, and spirit thermometer behind glazed door. Replacement tube with triple distilled mercury. Measures approx 38.5 x 5 5/8” wide at pediment, No longer available new due to EU regulations so these beginning to attract more value £595

Ref: 2226
A simple stick barometer by Elliot Bros, 449 Strand, London with oak case, visible tube, turned cistern cover and an unusual ceramic scale, the indicator sliding on the tube, the back of the ceramic scale with design registration ‘18th December 1863’. Elliot Bros were known to be working between 1853 – 1900 as optical & electrical Instrument Makers in London, see ‘Barometer Makers and Retailers 1660-1900’ by Edwin Banfield. Measuring 2 ¾” wide x 36” tall please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref 2529
A classic example of an Admiral FitzRoy barometer, the wide full glazed mid golden brown case surmounted with carved leaf and shield design. The decorative gothic paper scales in good order, mounted with a boxwood scaled mercury thermometer and a storm glass on a paper chart of the atmosphere picturing the position of the highest balloon ascent. It has the patented transport device. Fitted with a new bespoke mercury filled tube to suit, the brass cleaned and lacquered a mellow gold colour, a pair of replacement adjustment knobs for the twin recording arms. 47” x 10 ¼” c 1900

Ref 2556
A good Negretti and Zambra Fortin barometer. On mahogany backboard approx 44” x 5.5” with beveled edged white flashed glass reflector panels. The barometer protrudes 5.25” out. The brass tube lacquered as original , the silvered scales in inches of mercury. Black finished parts in original paint, in good order throughout dating late 19h or early 20th Century Inscribed with N & Z logo and instrument number M/1886. Ref 2556
A good Negretti and Zambra Fortin barometer. On mahogany backboard approx 44” x 5.5” with beveled edged white flashed glass reflector panels. The barometer protrudes 5.25” out. The brass tube lacquered as original , the silvered scales in inches of mercury. Black finished parts in original paint, in good order throughout dating late 19h or early 20th Century Inscribed with N & Z logo and instrument number M/1886.

Ref 2559
A 2nd hand simple mahogany stick barometer – re furbished in good order by I Blatt of Brighton. The imitation ivory scales mounted with spirit thermometer and manually operated vernier slide £195

Ref: 2563
A reproduction stick barometer of Georgian style by O C Comitti of London with aluminium scales behind a glazed door. measures approx 38 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Ref 2579
A Large Carved Oak Victorian Stick Barometer. Measuring approx 42.5” x 9” wide at top, trunk 3” wide protrudes 3 5/8” The golden Oak case in good order with carved decoration fitting of a grand house. The white flashed Opal glass scales in excellent condition, having twin setting verniers operated by wood top setting knobs below the scales. Restored and in good working order

Ref 2583
A modern Stick barometer of Georgian design by O Committee of London. Cleaned and refurbished with a replacement mercury filled tube. The scale, now a mellowed hue, with thermometer and manual operated vernier behind glazed hinged door.. Measures approx 38.5 x 5 5/8” wide at pediment. No longer available new due to EU regulations so these beginning to attract more value

Ref 2589
A 2nd hand FitzRoy design barometer with hand made ‘Oxford’ frame case in mahogany, with paper scales, transporting device, storm (camphor) bottle, Spirit thermometer and twin indicator slides. Measures approx 41” x 11 ¼” £245.

Ref 2590
A very slim Oak stick barometer, circa 1860. The Ivory Scales (damaged at top) engraved Browns Universal Barometer Registered Dec 21 1850. and Mallard, Frome Somerset, with manually operated recorded (replaced) exposed tube with bulb reservoir below a small urn shaped cover. In good order (except scale damage) This is similar to the cheap farmers barometers and despite its budget cost when new has survived. Case measures approx 35” x 1 ¾” £275

Ref 2602
A totally unique Pottery Stick Barometer late 20th C by Harry Juniper of Bideford, commissioned by our director P Collins for his private collection – now offered for sale. The style based on a Victorian Barnstaple potter, it depicts Birds and Cherries and leaves (possibly Mazzards a North Devon fruit tree). The summit with stylized Sun with face to centre. Made by Harry personally the scale shows a mistake on the numbering of the inches having 4 inches inscribed 28,29,30 and 32! (it was hard to explain to Harry just what the measurements related to, he was after all an artist not a physicist. Measures approx 40 ½” x 6 ½” £795

Ref: 2604
A simple stick barometer by I Blatt of Brighton circal 1970's Based on simpel Victorian barometers this was probably themost basic Mr Blatt produced in his range. Measures approx 35" x 3 1/2"

Ref: 2605
A genuine old stick barometer by J Somalvico of London. working from 1817 to 1822 this is an early design and could pre date known dates if comparing the design of the pediment which is more commonly associated with late18th century barometers. The Mahogany veneered case inlaid with chequered stringing down the sides of the trunk. The polish on the wood shows a good patination. The re built inlaid door of wasted design over an engraved silvered scale. measuring approx 40 1/2" x 6 5/8" The name on the scale partly removed by some earlier repairer fitting a longer tube.

Ref: 2607
A domestic mercury barometer of Admiral FitzRoy style with full length glass front housing traditional paper scales, a storm glass and a thermometer, the barometer tube replaced in our own workshops. The medium dark oak case with twin indicator pointers opperated by a knob connected to the traditional rack and pinion system.

Ref: 2611
A good Ships barometer by John Newman of 122 Regent Street. This is an ex Government issues barometer being with the Broad arrow mark on scale (wrongly called crows foot in later days) Number M35 comes with a traditional but replacement gimbal - most were left on ship. The silvered scales set aslant and one with Mercury thermometer, the bulb fitting behind the scale and the case with a small circular perforated brass disc to allow air/temperature in closer contact with the bulb. The Mahogany case shows signs of age as expected, The antique brass reservoir cover in original condition, being somewhat delicate. The transporting screw protrudes from the base. This is a reluctant sale by our director from his private collection due to downsizing. It is a special item for a collector of fine items, not overly restored it still maintains considerable appearnace of its age and use on one or more of HM ships of the day.


Ref 560
A walnut veneered early banjo shaped aneroid barometer and thermometer with applied carvings and scrolls.. The mercury thermometer tube mounted on a silvered engraved scale in Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales. The 8 inch silvered aneroid dial behind a beveled edge glass, engraved Marratt & Ellis 63 King William Street London Bridge, with traditional weather words and FitzRoys verse, “Long Foretold Long Last , Short Notice soon Past” The bezel bolted through the case which is so often a sign of quality. This dates circa 1875 and shows the early transition from the taller Mercury wheel barometers to a smaller designed banjo barometer but still made in the traditional and popular style of the period, if it was larger it could so easily be mistaken for a mercury wheel barometer without inspection. See ‘Aneroid Barometers and their restoration’ page 110. Measures approx 31 ½” x 9 5/8” x 2 ½” £695

Ref 1769
A Large Oak Aneroid barometer, with Ceramic dial and white glass thermometer scale, red and black coloured letters. The Thermometer flanked by pillars. flat bulb spirit tube replaced, in good order circa 1890. inscribed I.P. Cutts, Sutton and Sons. Division Street Sheffield Measures approx 40" x 12 3/4" Typically late Victorian design.

Ref 1868
An ornately carved, large aneroid barometer, with coat of arms, floral and scroll decoration in medium dark oak finish with thermometer mounted above (replaced), thermometer box surmounted by carved eagle replaced) with ceramic scales. Originally by Benetfink & Co. of Cheapside, London. The case in good order throughout and measuring 42” x 12” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref: 2159
An open dial aneroid barometer with spirit thermometer, dial with red & black lettering circa 1920. Measures 21 1/4" x 8 1/2"

Ref: 2190

A mahogany aneroid banjo barometer with shaped case, rounded style architectural pediment surmounted with carving, inlaid with coloured woods and ivory of flowers & leaf design with 8” white glass dial and ceramic thermometer scale in red & black, dating c1910. In good order throughout measuring: 34” x 13” please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref: 2552
A dark oak cased carved banjo aneroid barometer with white glass scales, mercury filled thermometer. The whole cleaned & in good working order throughout measuring: 34 ½” x 10”

Ref: 2553
An oak cased banjo aneroid barometer with 8” dial and decorative spiral mercury thermometer. A simple carved case of square format with incised decoration ad C scrolls with metal dials, and engraved silvered presentation plaque below dial reading: ‘Presented to Mr C.L.E. Stewart by the staff and employees of the Elec. Engrs Dept Rochdale on his appointment as Electrical Engineer 8 January 1909’. The whole cleaned and overhauled, measuring: 35 ¾” x 11 ¾”

Ref: 2562
A mahogany Inlaid aneroid barometer of Edwardian style possibly 1930's Measures 32 1/2" x 12" with 7 1/2" diameter aluminum printed dial.

Ref::2564 Round topped oak aneroid barometer with shell and flower carving top and bottom, mercury thermometer, 6” dial divided from 28 – 31” of mercury with English weather words, inscribed ‘Negretti & Zambra, London R/16000’ measuring: 30”x 9 ¼”

Ref: 2572
Although late in date - possibly even 1950's this traditional German made aneroid barometer was very popular from late Victorian era onwards, being less expensive than contemporary British made ones and often lasting longer. It has white glass thermometer scale with mercury tube, an enamel open dial with red and black letters all contained in the traditional carved wood case mounted with finials, all original and still with the makers label on back 'Lufft' as is the meat l housing at rear also stamped. Measures approx 23 1/5" x 9" colour is a mid to light brown.

A traditional Oak Banjo Aneroid Barometer with mercury thermometer on trunk. The white glass scales typical of Edwardian period which this dates around. The carved case in medium brown colour and in good order. The thermometer scale has a hairline fracture under the thermometer loops. Brass cleaned and lacquered ,movement tested and working good. Measures approx 34.5” x 9.5” wide.

Ref 2606
A Large Oak Aneroid barometer with thermometer mounted on stem of case. The thermometer with carved Eagle decoration. Inscribed R & J Beck Ltd, 68 Cornhill London Ceramic scales, dial measures approx 7.5 inches diameter. Nice medium golden brown colour Measures 40.5 " x 12"


Ref 1271
A traditional brass cased aneroid barometer with hanging ring. These often date around last ¼ of the 1800’sThe printed card dial in remarkably good condition has some of Admiral FitzRoy’s weather law on the dial to aid forecast ting.. The barometer cleaned and re-lacquered in good working order. Approx size 4.75” diameter and 2 1/8” deep

Ref: 2163
A 6” brass dial aneroid barometer probably by Taylor Instruments (Short & Mason) in a large octagonal oak case showing medallary rays on the large bevels. The case approximately 13” across the flats with original suppliers label ‘ACME Barometers number 110’ to reverse, circa 1930’s, please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref: 2197
An oak mounted round aneroid barometer in medium brown colour, measuring 10” diameter. The silver etched dial 4 7/8” diameter. Cleaned & in good order throughout, c1930

Ref: 2566
A round black metal cased aneroid barometer with 5 “ dial divided from 26 inches to 31 inches of mercury, black & red lettering & numbers, dial inscribed Fisherman’s Aneroid Barometer Issued by the Royal National Life Boat Institution No. 3641Dolland, London. Brass screw fixings top and bottom, the whole in good order, measuring: 6 1” diameter x 2 ½”deep


Strange for us we have sold most of our old barographs! we will be buying more so watch this space or call us and add your name to our wants list for well restored good quality used barographs

Ref 1806
A rare pocket barograph in original mahogany case. Clock work serviced and in good working order, pressure needle responds to pressure changes, the leather cover in remarkably good virtually new condition. The Wood case measures approx. 7 1/8” x5 5/8” x 2 ¼ “ thick. The hinged compartment reveals some charts, the key to wind and adjust pressure setting, and the original (empty) bottle of ink. Although working this is a collectors piece for its scarcity and great condition. The item has a beveled glass viewing panel, may have been used for balloon ascent recording or mountaineering/surveying etc. The clock work movement and the barograph mechanism shows high quality workmanship. French made item. For similar see pages 105 – 108 of ‘Barographs’ by Philip R Collins ISBN 0-948382-12-0

Ref: 2542
A light medium oak coloured barograph by Negretti & Zambra, late 1960’s with a Regency jeweled movement. Registration number R/36140. The case in original polish with 5 bevel edged glass panels with brass beneath with charts with wooden knob, the case also shows some small signs of age, the brass mechanism stripped and re-lacquered. In good working order through out, measuring: 16 ½” wide x 9 ¼” deep x 8 5/16” high

Ref 2559
A Met Office Micro barograph dated 1938. These large drum barographs show an expanded trace as the drum is so tall, they show the pressure movements more sensitively than the normal size barographs. It is in the original black crackle finish metal case with 5 glass panels. The small rod on the left hand side is a timing recorder. There is a small arm throw off leaver at the font protruding under the case. A nice instrument for the serious met person. Charts readily available from us, comes with 100 charts and ink. Clock overhauled and all in good working order. The brass work mostly gold plated as original, not mint condition but very good. Measures 14.75” x 8.75” and 10.25” high approx.

Ref 2573
A traditional design late Mahogany Barograph sold by Casella of London. The case with 5 beveled edged glass panels and chart draw in medium mahogany colour. The case with some signs of wear and tear (odd knocks and scratches) but generally in reasonable order. The clockwork drum by Guck in chrome finish. Generally overhauled and working supplied with 100 charts and ink ready to use. Circa 1960/70 Measures approx 14.5” wide, x 9” x 9” £595

we often have a few others awaiting restoration.




Ref 1262
An aluminum cased aneroid barometer by Negretti and Zambra instrument number 3838 circa 1890 3 1/8” diameter 1 1/8” thick with bevel edged glass in rotating bezel, hanging ring and pillar replaced. Dial divided from 12 inches to 31 inches – probably design for mountaineering – Aluminum was a new metal in Victorian times, its lightness useful to reduce loads in transit etc.

Ref 1772
A 1 13/16" diameter pocket barometer in gilded brass case. The gilding dulled but generally in fair condition. The dial in enamel divided from 25 inches to 31 inches with traditional weather words. No maker or retailers name. A simple plain pocket unusually with enamel dial, please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref: 1892
An ornately carved oak cased aneroid table / desk barometer, silvered dial with red and black lettering, large curved mercury filled thermometer and engraved ‘JAs Ritkin, Maker, London. Presented by a Patient’. The case with carved wooden finials either side of dial, leaf carvings to top and base measuring: 16 ½” tall x 21” side

Ref 2047
A mantle or desk barometer being built in a free standing carved oak case. The engraved silvered dial showing some signs of age but fully legible, nicely engraved and mounted with a curved white backed mercury filled thermometer. The well executed carved case nicely mellowed to a medium brown colour.11 ½” x 13 ¼” x 3 ½” deep. £695

Ref 2075
A 2 ¾” diameter brass aneroid barometer by Negretti & Zambra, number 21164, compensated. Incorporating the white side – Cooks sea level aneroid, patent number 14424; in original gold-plated brass case, in good condition but with signs of wear, and associated leather covered case, in distressed condition but intact. This unusual aneroid barometer has facility by turning the knurled knob at the top, whilst holding the top of the barometer, to adjust for sea level reading, from 0 – 20,000 feet. The engineering concept of this is not great and internally the gear had been changed previously. After some restoration we have now restored this to a fully working condition. An unusual and quite rare collector’s piece. please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref: 2110
1 15/16” diameter gilded brass cased pocket barometer with revolving altitude scale calibrated zero to 8,000 feet and semi-circular thermometer, dial inscribed ‘compensated for temperature, Short & Mason London made for A & N. C. S. Ltd Westminster’ in associated shaped leather covered case, in fair condition some marks to dial, case showing slight signs of wear, please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref 2117
1 15/16” diameter gilded pocket barometer with enamelled dial, 25 – 35 inches with normal weather words ‘Stormy to Very Dry’ with revolving indicator ring. The case with two small dents on the back, in generally good order but signs of wear SOLD

Ref 2183
A small surveying barometer in aluminium case by Short and Mason. The dial of silvered brass with pressure readings 25 inches to 31 inches and altitude scale 0 – 6000 feet. The dial inscribed ‘Surveying Aneroid compensated No C.28039 Short and Mason London Made in England’. dating possibly 1920’s it has a magnifying lens to read needle against the vernier more easily, The knurled knob turns the altitude scale, rather stiffly. It has a curious locking device to lock the scale in position behind the knurled knob. Comes with original leather carrying case (one strap has been repaired. Overall a good example for a collector of these types

Ref: 2255
An interesting aluminium cased pocket barometer with winder top to adjust altitude scale divided from zero to 10,000 feet, by Dolland of London, compensated. The dial with minor marks but in good condition, aluminium showing signs of use on the back. Circa 1885, the use of aluminium in this period was due to its lightness particularly for mountaineering etc. First of this type I have actually seen although you do get larger more professional mountaineering type barometers, which were specially developed and made from aluminium for their lightness. please e-mail or phone us for price and delivery options

Ref: 2512
2” diameter brass aneroid barometer by Dolland, London No. 6995 with silvered dial divided 23 to 51 inches of mercury with revolving altitude scale divided from zero to 10,000 feet. Whole in good condition but with signs of wear complete with associated leather covered case also showing signs of wear. £295

Ref: 2548
A 1 7/8” diameter polished brass pocket barometer with revolving altimeter scale, divided 0 to 10,000 feet and dial divided from 21 inches to 31 inches of mercury, with associated leather case with blue silk trimming to lid. A simple pocket barometer.

Ref: 2570
A 2” diameter polished brass pocket barometer with revolving altimeter scale, divided 0 to 10,000 feet and dial divided from 21 inches to 31 inches of mercury. Dial inscribed ‘Compensated’

Ref 2581
A very small survey pocket aneroid barometer. The dial inscribed ‘Hutchinson’s Improved Surveying Aneroid Compensated keep the eye level with the needle In ascending point of needle goes up on descending it goes down’. On the edge it reads ‘Hold this side uppermost’ Dial divided 26 to 31 “ revolving altitude scale 100 feet up to 100 feet down. Clearly not for high mountain use but possible UK surveys etc. It has a protruding handle to hold by. The item is in moderate condition and works, clearly being out of any case for some time and showing signs of age. Measures approx2” diameter 13/16” thick – handle protrudes 13/16 from the case.

Ref 2582
A very splendid ships wheel design aneroid desk/mantle barometer dated May 1879. Clearly a high quality piece being gold plated and of finest Victorian quality. One turns the wheel by its spokes to set the brass barometer recording hand. I can imaging a retired sea captain setting his barometer daily in his grand sea side house villa.. This probably was a rather special presentation piece and may have been available with a matching clock. It measures 13.75” high the wheel is 11 inches in diameter, the ebonised wood base (with some wear and tear) 10.25” x 4.25” deep. The silvered brass dial measuring approx 4” diameter and with a fine curved mercury thermometer. The gold plating now in a mellow condition (would have been very brash when new!) The whole made from heavy brass and it weighs almost 5 kilos! In good order

Ref 2588
A large display barometer by Short and Mason. Originally displayed At D R Grey in Gorleston-on-Sea. These shop display models were often in the shop window at sea side towns advertising the smaller less expensive barometers in side for sale. It has the ‘Flag’ system which shows if the barometer has been rising or falling by the position of a small red marker visible through the 2 cut outs in the dial one for rising and one for falling. See ‘Aneroid barometers and their restoration ‘ by Philip R Collins for more details Fig 8.12 shows this actual barometer. In working order, the case in American Walnut measures approx 18” wide x 15.25” high and 3 3/8” deep

We are always changing our aneroid barometer  stock quicker than we can update these pages! so do enquireTHE ABOVE ARE SOLD FULLY GUARANTEED HAVING HAD NECESSARY REPAIRS, CLEANING AND OVERHAULING CARRIED OUT IN OUR OWN WORKSHOP. OTHER ANTIQUES ALWAYS AVAILABLE - PLEASE ENQUIRE Photographs can be provided upon request

ODD ITEMS for SALE - non Barometer things

OK so we have all done it, found an instrument or antique item curious and could not refuse the temptation to buy it or barter for it! well our director is no exception, he just loves well made items and although he has tried to curb his indulgences he still does have more items than anyone practically needs around the place, so if we have time here will be some items that fellow collectors might be interested in.


Ref: 1763
19th Century Tibetan “Chukmuk” fire steel with pouch for flint & tinder with studded leather strap. No matches in ancient times - you carried your firesteel to make fire with. This is a highly decorated example which came our way. We honestly have little knowledge of these items but find them fascinating.

Ref: 1009999
19th Century Tibetan “Chukmuk” fire steel with pouch for flint & tinder with freted and engraved mounts - probably needs polishing to make look good but without knowledge of these items we leave that o the collector to decide.